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SmartGas: New distribution partner down under

smartGAS and GDA launch into a joint future 

smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH from Heilbronn and Gas Detection Australia Pty Ltd will be working together from 1 July 2021. GDA is based in Toowoomba in the Australian state of Queensland and has long been a customer of smartGAS – now the companies will further expand their business relationship and have set themselves the goal of supplying various segments of the Australian market with their innovative gas measurement solutions. 

When Rob Whittet took over as managing director at GDA in 2019, the Australian company not only underwent a restructuring, but also intensified its collaboration with smartGAS. “GDA has a broad product and application knowledge in the field of gas detection in various industries, so the change from customer to distribution partner was the next logical step,” reports Volker Huelsekopf, sales manager at smartGAS. Initially the companies will jointly serve the areas of refrigerant detection or leak detection in air conditioning technology, process measurement technology, food storage and biogas. “GDA has extensive experience in these areas and we see a lot of potential here in the Australian market,” says Whittet. 

Through the cooperation, Australian customers will benefit above all from faster and better service as well as optimal support for their projects. New product designs based on German sensors are also to be offered that will meet the special requirements of the Australian market. The sensors from smartGAS are based on the non-dispersive infrared absorption of gases (NDIR technology). They meet the highest requirements for accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness in process technology and indoor air measurement. In addition, they do not require any wearing parts or chemical reactants, which minimises operating and maintenance costs. NDIR sensors are environmentally friendly, durable and reliable. As part of the international cooperation the companies can offer individual gas detection solutions tailored to the respective applications – for more productivity to improve the working environment and to protect the environment from harmful gas emissions. 

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