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Proudly Manufacturing in Australia.

Gas Detection Australia is committed to maintaining safety, assisting you to save money, increase productivity and protect the environment. GDA’s gas detection solutions will limit operating costs when dealing with any gas; improve work surroundings to increase productivity and help to protect the environment from harmful gas emissions.

Our systems are designed for use anywhere that gases are employed in both industrial and commercial applications. GDA are world leaders in gas detection technologies and have systems available for Flammable, Toxic, Refrigerant and other gases. Our base range of products are designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australia. 

The company is based in Toowoomba QLD and has very close links with the University of Southern Queensland where much of the pioneering research work is carried out. Gas Detection Australia proudly boasts of its research and manufacturing base in Australia thereby affording its clients excellent technical backup and service.

Toowoomba Office

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