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Your gas detectors can be damaged in several ways, for example within the environment (dirt, dust, or moisture), this will impact the detectors’ ability to do its accurate job. Consequently, any of these events can cause a range of damage from, blocked sensor heads, damage to sampling pump or sample lines. Also, when the environment is too hot or too cold could impact negatively to the sensors to measure properly and the sensors will naturally degrade over time.

So, the primary reason for functional and calibration tests is to assess how the sensor is working and is it within calibration. If the sensors don’t perform as they should then, it will show you that you have some sort of event and you can start looking for the cause. Maintenance or lack of is the leading cause of failures that we see in sensors today.

Therefore, the need to calibrate your gas monitoring system regularly is critical. It is recommended to do a six-monthly functional test, then a full calibration every 12 months.
Remember irregular maintenance could potentially have repercussions from the safety of people and legal, especially in the event of an accident or near miss.


Calibration Service

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We provide Calibration for your gas detectors in-house or gas detection systems onsite.

Our GDA specialists are ready to complete successfully the calibration for you.

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Auxiliary Calibration products


Gas Calibration Bottle

Our calibration gas cylinders all come with N.I.S.T. certification and ISO 17025 approval SO you can be confident that you will receive gas with the highest accuracy levels.

GDA calibration gas is refillable, compact, made from the highest quality, tested for the lowest failure rate and longest shelf life and totally recyclable. Our range of calibration gas cylinders enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs while demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

calibration kit

Gas Calibration Kit

Simple, accurate and easy to bump test and calibrate your equipment on site each day of operation as per recommendations of Australian Standard AS/NZS 60079.29.2:2016.

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