The Importance of Calibration for your Gas Detection System

Calibrate your Gas Detector Systems to ensure reliability

Your Gas Detection System is a highly important part of your safety and also your staff’s safety, as well as assisting in keeping operating costs lower by detecting leaks when they occur.
Your gas detectors can be damaged in several ways.
In an environment, where there is any of the following: Dirt, Dust, or Moisture, these types of problems will impact the detectors’ ability to do its job. Consequently, any of these events can cause a range of damage from, blocked sensor heads, damage to sampling pumps or sample lines. In addition, when the environment is too hot or too cold could also impact negatively the sensors in order to measure properly, also sensors will also naturally degrade over time.
In conclusion, The primary reason for functional tests and calibration tests are to assess how the sensor is working and is it within calibration, If the sensors don’t perform as they should then it will show you that you have some sort of event, and you can start looking for the cause. Maintenance or lack of is the leading cause of failures that we see in sensors today.
Therefore, the need to calibrate your gas monitoring system regularly is critical. It is recommended to do a 6 monthly functional test, then a full calibration every 12 months.
Remember, irregular maintenance could potentially have many repercussions from the safety of people and also legal, especially in the event of an accident or near-miss.


For a legitimate calibration, it is recommendable the assistance of our professionals. Send your Gas Detectors back to us for calibration every 12 months, and get the Calibration Certificate and due date sticker each time.


We send the gas bottle for your convenience. There are two options:  Either assisted by our experienced staff for reliable service, or by your trained staff. Remember, it is compulsory to be assisted by experienced staff. 

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