Simple, accurate and easy to bump test and calibrate your equipment on site each day of operation as per recommendations of Australian Standard AS/NZS 60079.29.2:2016.

Standard Kit includes

  • N.I.S.T. Certified Quad Mix Calibration Gas with ISO 17025 Approval
      • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) 25 ppm
      • Carbon Monoxide (CO) 100 ppm
      • Methane (CH4) 2.5% (50% LEL)
      • Oxygen (O2) 18% Vol
      • Nitrogen Balance
      • 58L Bottle Standard
  • Slimline Regulator with Constant Flow
  • Weatherproof Calibration Kit Case

Every cylinder is supplied with the unique “Strip & Ship” program for free and easy return shipment of the empty cylinder.

Fully Technically Supported by Gas Detection Australia

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Confined Space Gas Monitors

Confined spaces have a high risk of poisonous gases and man-down incidents caused by oxygen depletion. Responders or workers are required to be protected by ongoing, continuous atmospheric monitoring. SENKO Gas Detection Australia's portable gas detectors are built to protect you and your staff complying with Australia regulations. With IP 67 Waterproof and IEC Ex Approved Explosion proof casing, data logging, simple set up and calibration. The SENKO Gas Detection Australia Line of Portables are ready to go when you are.

Specification NameSpecification Value

GDA Calibration Gas Cylinder

Cylinder Size Air volume at Service Pressure Pressure Outlet Fitting Dimensions (in mm and KG) H2O Volume
34GAL 34 L 68 bar C-10 61 259 0.45 0.5 L
58GAL (Standard) 58 L 69 bar C-10 74 290 0.65 0.8 L
100GAL 100L 69 bar C-10 89 320 1.1 1.41 L
116GAL 116L 69 bar C-10 89 371 1.7 1.5 L



Part Number Image Description
SG110-11PO.3 110 Series Slimline Regulator With 0.3 LPM Constant Flow. Datasheet


CALGAS : Calibration Gas

To test and maintain accuracy gas detection systems require regular testing and calibration. GDA can provide you with a complete line of calibration equipment to calibrate all of our gas sensors and detectors. Our calibration gas cylinders all come with N.I.S.T. certification and ISO 17025 approval so you can be confident that you will receive gas with the highest accuracy levels.

SENKO IR-Link : Portable Detector to Computer IR Link Communicator

IR Link enables users to set up their Senko Portable Gas Detectors calibration levels, alarm set points, and configuration options as well as download logs.