AVR 20: Alarm Flasher and Sounder

This sounder/flashers operates at 24VDC. The sounder can be permanently disabled so that unit acts as a flasher only. These units are designed for internal use. These are available in Red or Amber.

IS-A105N: Intrinsically Safe Alarm Sounder

The IS-A105N is a high output, 105dB alarm sounder. Approvals include ATEX, IECEx and GOST-R for Zone 0 applications and FM approval for Class I Division 1 and Class I Zone 0 applications.

The IS-A105N is suitable for all intrinsically safe signalling applications including fire, security and process control.

IS-L101L : Intrinsically Safe LED Beacon

The IS-L101L unit is an intrinsically safe field mounting beacon which provides a bright
flashing warning signal.

The unit can be used independently or combined with an IS-A105N 49 alarm sounder. Combination
units can utilise a common zener barrier or galvanic isolator and may be coupled together or
mounted seperately. With the IS-A105N the alarm accept function can be utilised. By closing a pair of
external contacts (i.e push switch) the operator may silence the alarm for set periods between 5
seconds and 2 hours. If after the preset time the alarm condition still exists the sounder will activate

GDA 490: Multi way Control Unit for the GDA 290

The GDA 490 is designed to control 1-8 GDA 290 sensors for applications where chiller/refrigerant plant is using PROPANE as the refrigerant gas. The control unit derives the 24 VDC required for the sensors from the mains i/p and activates a local 24 VDC o/p on alarm to drive a sounder/flasher AVR-20. The sounder flasher can be muted from the front panel. The alarm also activates a DPCO relay; the contacts may be used to shut down and pump down the system. The alarm is indicated on the front panel by LED’s.


GDA 620: Galvanic Isolator 1kV for 4-20 mA lines

This small potted Isolator is used for the protection of 4-20 mA signal lines against high voltage breakthrough and ground loops that give rise to noise problems. It is designed to be mounted inside or adjacent to control equipment. Cable Interface is via plug and socket.



M2001: Flush Mount Mimic Panel

The M2001 is a low profile flush wall mounted MIMIC panel. These units are used on multi entry rooms so that users may view the gas levels and alarm status of each entry point for entering the room The M2001 is used in conjunction with the GDA 4020 AND GDA 2400 control unit. The M2001 derives its power and RS485 communications from the 4020/ 2400. The unit’s backlit LED display shows the real time concentration of the gas sensors connected to the 4020/ 2400 and any alarms that occur. The M2001 has an inbuilt sounder which can be muted from the front panel. The unit has two alarm relays which activate and deactivate in conjunction with the alarm status of the 4020 and 2400 control panel.


REP 2016: Repeater Panel

The GDA Dual Channel Repeater Panel allows for simple replication of the alarm and system status of all GDA gas detection controllers by visual and auditory indicators. GDA Repeater Panels run from the same power supply as the GDA’s controllers and multiple Repeater Panel and be run from the same controller to show the alarm information in multiple locations. The number of daisy-chained Repeater Panels is limited by the capabilities of the system’s power supply. The Repeater Panel can be run in conjunction with GDA’s AVR20 sounder flashers.

MS001: Flush Mount Mute Switch

The MS001 uses one of the alarm SPCO relays from the GDA 4020, GDA 4011, or GDA 2400 to drive the AVR-20R/YM sounder- flasher. The sounder- flasher can be muted by incorporating the MS001 into the o/p switched 24 VDC from the control panel. The sounder will sound when a gas alarm occurs and continue sounding until either the alarm level falls below its threshold value or the MS001 button is pressed. The Mute function automatically resets when the alarm condition terminates.


PSU E24: Enclosed AC-DC 24V Power Supply

The PSU E24 is an AC-DC single output switching power supply with an output of 24 VDC at 1.5 A. The power supply is enclosed in an IP66 rated enclosure.

PSU P24: Plugpack 24 VDC Power Supply

The PSU P24 is an AC-DC plugpack power supply with an output of 24 VDC at 0.75A. The plugpack has a 3m cable with a 2.1 mm DC plug.

SMS 320: Alarm Broadcast SMS Unit

The GDA SMS message is designed to send a SMS text to 3 individual mobile No's to inform of an alarm OR fault condition. The system has its own mains power unit and batteries back up to allow transmission of fault conduction in the case of power outages.