SENKO SI-100: Explosion Proof Gas Detector

SI-100 is an IEC Ex fixed gas detector installed where potential gas hazard occur to measure and monitor oxygen, toxic gas and combustible gas. Through the LCD display the SI-100 shows the concentration of gases present and the status of the unit in real time. It can be connected to a controller with a standard 4-20mA analog output communication. With magnetic buttons a Hot Work permit not required for calibration with no need to open the device.

IECEx Approved

SENKO SI-100C: Explosion Proof Gas Sensor

SI-100C is a IEC Ex explosion proof gas sensor ready to installed hazardous and non-hazardous areas to prevent gas hazards caused oxygen depletion, toxic gas or combustible gas. Available to detect over 25 different gas types, see Ordering Information for details.

IECEx Approved

GDA 2560: Flammable Gas Sensor

Discontinued Product

The GDA 2560 Flammable gas sensor [Hydrogen, Methane, Butane, Propane, Acetylene, and Ammonia] is a 3 wire (24 VDC) 4-20 mA device. This gas sensor is designed to be used in Non-hazardous areas. It has an electro-resistive catalytic sensing element which is temperature controlled and easily replaceable. 

Designed, manufactured and supported locally in Australia.