The portable docking station maximizes the performance of SGT devices by calibrating or bump testing up to four portable devices at once simply and efficiently reducing testing time.

hrough bump testing, the docking station tests the gas detectors responses, alarms and automatically upgrades the firmware of the devices to keep your devices at peak performance. The Docking station also can save all event logs into an USB drive to allow for in-depth analyses by connecting to a computer or an IR Link.

  • Up to four simultaneous device calibrations or bump tests
  • Displays status of stations power and each units battery.
  • Gas ventilation system to remove residual testing gas.
  • Saves the status and results of all docking station and device operations
  • Updates Senko SGT products firmware
  • Advanced user control via computer connection.

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Specification NameSpecification Value
Dimensions470 × 410 × 220 mm (18.50 × 16.14 × 8.66 in.)
Weight8.2kg (Without gas cylinder)
Operating Temperature5 to +40˚C (41 to +104˚F)
Power RequirementsInternal Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Product Description
SGT-4 Dock 4 Way Docking Station for up to four SENKO SGT Portable Gas Detectors
MGT-4 Dock 4 Way Docking Station for up to four SENKO MGT Portable Gas Detectors


SENKO IR-Link : Portable Detector to Computer IR Link Communicator

IR Link enables users to set up their Senko Portable Gas Detectors calibration levels, alarm set points, and configuration options as well as download logs.