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The GDA 74001 is a low profile flush wall mounted mimic panel. These units are used on multi entry rooms so that users may view the gas levels and alarm status of each entry point for entering the room The 74001 is used in conjunction with the GDA 4080 control unit.

Designed, manufactured and supported locally in Australia.

The GDA 74001 backlit LED display shows the real time concentration of the gas sensors connected to the GDA 4080 and any alarms that occur. The colour of the LED back light changes depending on the alarm state of the GDA 4080. The unit has three alarm relays which activate and deactivate in conjunction with the alarm status of the GDA 4080 control panel. 

The unit derives its power and RS485 communications from the GDA 4080.

The number of sensor values displayed can be adjusted in the field to suit the sensor display requirements of each room.

The GDA 74001 has a dedicated Repeater Panel (REP2016) output. The Repeater panel can be used when the GDA 4080 controller is located on a separate floor. The Repeater panel can be placed on the outside of a room to indicate gas alarms inside the room. The GDA 74001 is placed inside the room to display the gas concentration value present in the room.

  • Flush Wall Mount Profile
  • Display gas concentration in real time
  • Display alarm status in real time
  • Local alarm relays reduce wiring requirements to local loads such as sounders
  • Multi drop RS485 line means that up to 32 GDA 74001 can be used off one GDA 4080 control unit.

Made in Australia and Supported in Australia

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Generator Rooms

A range of devices from single point go / no go detectors such as the DA-2010 through to sophisticated IEC Ex type gas detectors / gas sensors can be used for detection of Natural gas, Propane, Butane and various other mixtures.

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Cellar Gas Detection

The Gas Detection Australia uses the latest patented laser source technology to provide reliable accurate and cost effective solutions for Carbon Dioxide gas detection in cellar gas detection applications. The Carbon dioxide cellar gas detection system comprises of a remote  carbon dioxide gas detector / gas sensor, an external  control unit + power supply (to view the gas levels and alarms before entry ) and a audio visual sounder/ flasher that  will activate on alarm. Gas Detection Australia offers a range of solutions to meet individual site requirements for carbon dioxide  cellar gas detection systems  and oxygen  cellar gas detection  when using nitrogen for  pre-mix drinks

Meets the requirements of AS5034-2005

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Laboratory and Classroom Monitoring

When gas is piped into rooms for experimental purposes such as CO2, CO, or Natural Gas .The Gas Detection Australia range of sensors can be used to detect any leaks that may present a danger to health or explosion.

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Battery Room Monitoring

The SI-100C and a range of associated Gas Detection Australia controllers can be used in battery room gas detection  to detect hydrogen in battery rooms and sound alarms. The battery room gas detection systems comprise of a hydrogen gas sensor SI-100C and a gas sensor control unit. The Gas Detection Australia control unit  GDA 4020 or GDA 4011 is situated external to the battery room to display the gas concentrations and the alarm status. The battery room gas detection system can then be interfaced to extraction fans, sounders or other apparatus. For smaller battery charging rooms the standalone GDA 40126 can provide an integrated sensor and controller with outputs to drive extraction fans and sounders.

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Flush Mount Gas Sensors

Mounted in wall hole, Non obtrusive, recommended for office rooms, class rooms, laboratories etc. Are designed to fit into a Clipsal double gang GPO wall mount.

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Refrigerant Plant Room Monitoring

Refrigerant gases are used to provide a means of cooling the evaporators in freezers and air conditioning for plant rooms and chiller plants. Historically CFC refrigerant gases such as R11, R12 and R22 have been used. CFC’s are ozone depleting gases and are now being phased out and replaced by ozone friendly gases such as R134a, R407 and R410a.

Why is there a need to detect them?

  • All these gases are toxic at relatively low levels. Prolonged exposure to these gases is hazardous and results in serious health risks. GDA sensors can detect these gases at very low levels, in order to prevent this hazard becoming a danger to life.
  • Air conditioning systems and chillers that are leaking their refrigerant gases are not performing to maximum efficiency. The major use of refrigerant gases is in the re charging of these systems. If leaks are detected early the problem can be alleviated much quicker, saving costs on replacement gas, co maintenance and protecting the environment.
  • Gas detection at low levels (part per million) will give an early warning of leakage, therefore safeguarding life and maintaining the efficiency of the plant.

Gas Detection Australia has a range of ultra-low level refrigerant gas leak detection systems specifically developed to prevent the expensive results of refrigerant gas leaks for R22, R123, R134a, R404, R407, R410a, R514a, R1234yf and many others.

Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 5149.3:2016 and ISO 5149-3:2014

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Cryogenic Room Gas Detection

Cryogenic freezing using liquid Nitrogen poses a problem of oxygen depletion. The GDA 2528 oxygen gas sensor offers a cost effective method of detection and low cost of maintenance. For standalone cyro-storage chambers housed in laboratories, the storage area can be monitored for oxygen depletion by the standalone GDA 40125 system.

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Specification NameSpecification Value
Output Voltage+24VDC
Power ConsumptionMax 100mA @ 24VDC (150mA with REP2016)
Alarm Relays3 x Alarm level relays (Volt free contacts)
Fault Relay1 x Fault relay Energised when powered (Volt free contacts)
Relay SpecificationMax 2A non inductive 30VDC (60VA)
Repeater Panel ConnectionREP2016 output 24VDC per pin (Max draw from Repeater ~800 mA)
Mimic InputFrom GDA 4080: Mimic Comms 2 core twittered pair with over all screen
ConnectionA, B and Earth ISO
Power Requirements3 pin plug connector, +Vin, 0V and Earth
Operating Temperature-10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity5% to 95% RH peak non condensing
Enclosure MaterialABS plastic
Enclosure RatingIP40 (When Installed)
DimensionsClipsal 2000 series 116 x 75 x 20 mm (L, W, D) in wall depth 28 mm
Warranty12 months from date of dispatch
Product Description
GDA 74001 4080 Mimic Panel flush mounted with multi channel display

AVR 20 : Alarm Flasher and Sounder

This sounder/flashers operates at 24VDC. The sounder can be permanently disabled so that unit acts as a flasher only. These units are designed for internal use. These are available in Red or Amber.