The GDA Dual Channel Repeater Panel allows for simple replication of the alarm and system status of all GDA gas detection controllers by visual and auditory indicators.

Designed, manufactured and supported locally in Australia.

GDA Repeater Panels run from the same power supply as the GDA’s controllers and multiple Repeater Panel and be run from the same controller to show the alarm information in multiple locations. The number of daisy-chained Repeater Panels is limited by the capabilities of the system’s power supply. The Repeater Panel can be run in conjunction with GDA’s AVR20 sounder flashers.

  • Can be daisy-chained to run multiple Repeater Panels from one GDA controller
  • No addition power supply for the Repeater Panels
  • Can be run in conjunction with AVR-20 sounder flashers
  • Has a Test button to test the internal buzzer and the LEDs
  • The internal buzzer is mutable with the TEST/MUTE button (Mute enable/disable function)
  • Uses standard Clipsal 2000 series for flush wall mounting

Made in Australia and Supported in Australia


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The Gas Detection Australia uses the latest patented laser source technology to provide reliable accurate and cost effective solutions for Carbon Dioxide gas detection in cellar gas detection applications. The Carbon dioxide cellar gas detection system comprises of a remote  carbon dioxide gas detector / gas sensor, an external  control unit + power supply (to view the gas levels and alarms before entry ) and a audio visual sounder/ flasher that  will activate on alarm. Gas Detection Australia offers a range of solutions to meet individual site requirements for carbon dioxide  cellar gas detection systems  and oxygen  cellar gas detection  when using nitrogen for  pre-mix drinks

Meets the requirements of AS5034-2005

Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

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Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

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Designed, Manufactured and Supported in Australia.

Specification NameSpecification Value
Power Requirements+24 VDC
Operating Current<10 mA @ 24 VDC, Max <25 mA ( 4 x REP 2016 <100 mA)
Connection2 x 7 screw down connectors
Wiring6 core cable with screen
Operating Temperature-10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity5% to 95% RH peak non condensing
InputsAlarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault, Oxygen (Dual sensor setup)
IndicatorsBuzzer and LEDs
MuteMute enable or mute disable option
Test ButtonThe Test/Mute button tests the Buzzer and all the LEDs
Output TypesDaisy-chain multiple Repeater Panels from one GDA controller
DimensionsClipsal 2000 series 116 x 76 x 20 mm (H, W, D) in wall depth 25 mm
Enclosure MaterialABS Plastic
Enclosure RatingIP40 (When Installed)
Warranty12 months from date of dispatch

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AVR 20 : Alarm Flasher and Sounder

This sounder/flashers operates at 24VDC. The sounder can be permanently disabled so that unit acts as a flasher only. These units are designed for internal use. These are available in Red or Amber.