GDA 4500: Single Point Gas Detection Sampling System

The GDA 4500 is designed to be used where sensors are placed in areas that are difficult to gain access such as pits and elevated areas. Sensors require periodic calibration and in the case of electrochemical gas sensors they will require annual periodic replacement. The GDA 4500 is placed in an accessible location up to 50M from the filter head; this is the actual sampling point where the sample is being drawn from. The gas is drawn via 6mm ID tubing from the area that needs to be tested and is passed over the sensor element. The end of line filter prevents dust and mycological build up in the line. There is an inbuilt flow fail detector to ascertain that the vacuum pump is operational. The GDA 4500 can be fitted with a control unit in the same box as the sampling system that interfaces with the control to give a flow fail alarm. The remote control allows the 4500 sampling section to be adjacent to the area. The control unit to sampling unit requires a 4 core cable and can be up to 1000m from the GDA 4500 sampling unit.